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FinAdd: the history behind our success

Our investment path has been going on for more than 8 years and it began in a large financial consulting company. The financial world was changing and the issue of investing in new assets and new technologies became more and more urgent. The management of that company did not share our zeal with the formation of innovative investment approaches and for us it was a step into our own business. We took responsibility and risks upon ourselves and, together with the team, we determined our own strategy in investment decisions. For a long time, our company existed under the Finsovetnik.ua brand. Now we are entering international markets and have changed our name, becoming for our clients a more understandable Financial Advisor or FinAdd for short — more than just finance.

We invest our own money in IT & digital assets and manage our clients’ capital. The digital economy is the obvious and definite future of the entire financial world.

Clients stay with us for more than 7 years
We invest ourselves and multiply clients’ funds using the digital economy. Beneficial, ethical, confidential.
FinAdd.ai – is the reliable partner for effective investment in digital assets.

Why trust us with your investments?

Stable growth

Digital assets grow steadily in value, multiplying your investment returns

Multiple Options

We offer different investment options

Personalized approach

Your financial advisor will draw up your personal investment plan

Global approach

Digital assets are not limited to borders of countries and continents

Fixed rate in TM

You can invest with a fixed rate


The digital economy is not sensitive to economic fluctuations


You can freely monitor your investments online 24/7


You can invest in any currency


Over 300 clients have been investing in digital assets with FinAdd.ai for 8 years
Grow your capital with the digital economy. Our risks, for you – just interest!
Oleksii Zarutskyi,

Our Team

Oleksii Zarutskyi
Founder and key architect of FinAdd

Starting in 2013, he has been studying the multi-vector nature of financial markets and has gained practical experience using various investment tools.

During this period, he held more than 400 training events and master classes on personal finance, investment, development of financial markets and the future digital economy, the 3D economics.

Starting as a ordinary financial consultant in a financial consulting company, he has held over 1,000 personal consultations with clients on personal financial plan and investment strategies.

As investor, he was twice a complete bankrupt. Finally, it was this experience that enabled him to feel the financial markets trends and shortly recover his money lost, which made it possible to reach a new level and become an effective digital asset manager.

Andrew Kasianchuk
Financial advisor of FinAdd

More than 7 years of investment experience, working for different financial consulting and investment companies, more than 1500 private and collegial consultations.

He makes a serious study of financial markets trends, constantly improves his competence by attending training programs. He has number of own methods and author’s practical trainings on financial literacy and leadership, both for practicing investors and for teenagers. Playing coach, conducted more than 300 business trainings “Cashflow” and “Cash flow in Ukraine”.

The goal achievement is determined by the level of financial results, showing all practical uses of the right financial investment.

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